Sand Storm Powder Free Long Cuff Orange Nitrile Glove - Heavy Duty Examination Grade - Box of 90 Gloves, 10 Boxes per Carton

Size: Medium


Mediflex Sandstorm 260mm

Examination Grade

Powder Free

Orange Nitrile

Double Chlorinated (helps easy donning and gives smooth surface) 

Unlike standard nitrile gloves in the market, Mediflex Sand Storm gloves feature DualGuard Technology, two layers of nitrile to provide strong protection against chemicals and micro-organisms.

The white inner layer features an accelerator free nitrile which helps reduce Type IV hypersensitivity.

The additional orange nitrile layer eliminates Type I hypersensitivity. Combining these two layers together significantly enhances strength and durability.
Sand Storm conforms to a range of standards including EN 420, which defines the requirements for protective gloves as well as EN 374-1:2003 - performance requirements against chemicals and micro-organisms, EN 374-2:2014 - resistance to penetration and EN 16523-1:2015 (supersedes EN 374-3:2003) - resistance to permeation by liquid chemicals under continuous contact.

Suitable for use across a wide range of applications including:
Medical, Dental & Life Sciences
Chemical or Biological Laboratories
Aircraft Maintenance and Servicing
Mechanical Servicing
Automotive Painting and Detailing
Plumbing and Waste Treatment
Emergency Services
Oil and Chemical Handling
Food Manufacturing

Standards & Qualications Complies with or exceeds
ASTM D3578
EN 420
EN 374-1:2003
EN 374-2:2014
EN 16523-1:2015 (supersedes EN 374-3:2003)
AS/NZS 4011.1-2014

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