82L Black Garbage Bags Light Carton of 250



ELKA 82L Black Garbage Bags

Brand: Elka
Material: Premium Virgin HDPE
Size: 950mm x 810mm
Seal: Star
Colour: Black
Carton Qty: 250 bags

Elka 82 litre black garbage bags bags are suitable for light-mid weight operations in washrooms, offices, food halls, restaurants, schools and councils.

They are manufactured from high quality 100 % virgin HDPE. Virgin material is stronger, durable and more tear resistant than bags manufactured from recycled material. The other benefit of virgin garbage bags is they don’t need to be as thick, which equates to less land fill. Virgin material also offers better product consistency and quality as recycled material quality can vary depending on the source.

The Elka 82 litre black garbage bag is very popular with cleaning contractors and typically used for office cleaning. It is available in black and blue. The 82 litre HDPE is manufactured with a strong star seal, 16um thick and extremely strong and tough. They are packaged in a carton of 250 bags and available in an easy dispensable roll of 50 bags per roll and 5 rolls per carton.

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